Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Annual Meeting 6pm Waterford South Golf Club

RPMIA, INC.  1/30/2013  Agenda 
  • Call to Order Byrd @6:30
  • Legal Overview Hall
  • Minutes Board
  • Establish Quorum Board
  • Board Nominations/Elections Board
  • Market Report/ MS4Ph2 Byrd Future
  • Financial Report/2013 Budget Byrd
  • Committee Reports:
    • Pool Benedict
    • Social Byrd
    • Covenants Davidson
  • Old Business:
    • Blog Smith-Rodriguez
    • Mailbox Numbers Byrd
  • New Business
  • Questions
  • Adjourn (7:30)
Minutes from 2012 Meeting:

RPMIA, Inc. Meeting    January 25, 2012, 6:30 PM      Waterford Golf Club

Mark Byrd, President, Riverbend Plantation Development Company, Inc. opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance and thanking all homeowners for choosing Riverbend Plantation as their place of residence. Byrd also thanked Waterford Golf Club for hosting the RPMIA Meeting and introduced members of the head table: Brandan Brown, RPMIA Inc. Board Member; Robert Causey, Vice President, RPDC, Inc.; Dave Davidson, Shareholder, RPDC, Inc.; Sophie Lee, Office Manager, Byrd and Company, LLC.

Byrd gave a brief overview of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the RPMIA, Inc. Copies of both were available at the meeting or by request from Byrd and Company, LLC. Byrd stated that all property owners in Riverbend Plantation are members of the RPMIA, Inc. and that the two functions of the general membership of the Association are 1.) To elect two members to the five member RPMIA, Inc. Board of Directors and 2.) To raise the annual dues, if needed, from the $125 annual fee as stated in the Riverbend Plantation Protective Covenants. Byrd added that maintenance of all entrance and common areas would be at the highest level possible.

Byrd presented the minutes from January 26, 2011, RPMIA, Inc. annual meeting. After a motion by Causey and a second by Brown, the minutes were unanimously approved by the RPMIA Board.

Byrd announced that the combination of homeowners in attendance, homeowners voting by proxy, and RPD Inc. votes DID NOT constitute a quorum. Therefore, the general membership cannot conduct business. The RPMIA Board can conduct its scheduled business. Board will research options to reduce required number of homeowners to constitute a quorum.

Byrd announced that the 2012 RPD, Inc. appointments for the RPMIA, Inc. Board are Mark Byrd, Robert Causey, and Dave Davidson. Because a quorum is not present to vote, Brandan Brown (seat one) will remain on the RPMIA Inc. Board. No “Seat Two” or “Alternate” Board Member will be seated at this time. Davidson presented the following slate of officers to be elected by the Board: Mark Byrd, President; Brandan Brown, Vice President; Robert Causey, Secretary/Treasurer. Causey seconded the motion. The Board approved slate of officers unanimously.

Byrd reported that in spite of the challenging economic conditions, Riverbend continues to sell new construction. In addition, the development has not experienced a decrease in home values because of foreclosures in the subdivision. Riverbend remains in generally good health. Byrd thanked the builders for maintaining their commitment to quality construction and price control and the existing homeowners for their commitment to maintaining their properties at a high level. Davidson complimented D&A Development for their work in The Creek at Riverbend. Byrd added that he expected an additional phase of The Meadow, and possibly another phase of The Bluff to be constructed in 2012.

Byrd gave a line item review of the RPMIA, Inc. financial statement, income and expense report, and $125 annual dues fee (financial statement, income and expense report attached). The 2012 annual budget reflects the removal of the street light expense from the Association budget. Byrd noted that the financial partnership between the HOA and the development group continues to operate with success.

Byrd stated that the amenity area had been successfully in operation for 2011. He thanked all RP residents for their compliance with the rules and regulations allowing this to be an enjoyable asset for all RP homeowners. Byrd announced that copies of the modified Rules and Regulations document were available at the meeting or at Byrd and Company. Byrd offered a sample of events that could be held at the Clubhouse, noting that volunteers from RP residents would be important in executing these types of events.

Davidson explained the regulatory process and encouraged all residents to contact Byrd and Company any time an “accident” occurs at the pool. Davidson reminded homeowners that the clubhouse and pool is a “self policing” asset and thanked all for taking pride in maintenance of the facility. Davidson introduced David Benedict, our Certified Pool Operator (and RB resident), and thanked him for improving the day-to-day maintenance operation of the pool. Benedict again urged residents to call his phone number posted in the clubhouse window immediately to report any type of “accident” in the pool.

Byrd thanked the following members of the social committee: Stephanie Bailey, Yvette Coddington, Angie Hughes, Leslie Griffin, Tina Tomlinson, and Amy Byrd. RPMIA, Inc. and RPD Inc. co-hosted several successful events in 2011: Easter Egg Hunt, Cookies with Santa, Ladies Gift Swap, and Fitness Boot Camp. The social committee welcomes any new ideas or volunteers to serve on this committee.

Coddington reported that the “Fitness Boot Camp” at the Clubhouse was a success.

Byrd reported that covenant enforcement is one of the most challenging and most important functions of the development company and homeowner’s association. He stated that the development company attempts to use “common sense” when enforcing covenants. He thanked all Riverbend Plantation homeowners for their compliance with the community covenants.

In response to questions or concerns voiced by homeowners prior to the Association meeting. Byrd clarified existing covenants/policies regarding the follow items.

ATV Traffic. Byrd reminded residents that no vehicle or ATV traffic is permitted past the end(s) of pavement (onto vacant land) at any time. Vacant land could be accessed by Riverbend Plantation residents only and only by walking or bicycling. Byrd also reminded residents that riding ATV’s on public streets was a violation of county laws and would be enforced by the Houston County Sheriff’s Department.

Equipment trailers are not to be stored on any lot at any time, unless stored in an attached garage or approved outbuilding. Trailers prohibited from storage in subdivision include, but are not limited to, open or covered utility trailers, boat or PWC trailers, RV’s or campers. Approved outbuildings are permitted to store trailers. At present, there is not a “common area” location available to store trailers within the subdivision.

Pet Management. Byrd stated that all homeowners are reminded to be considerate of others when managing their pets. At no time should pets be allowed to roam the subdivision unattended. Residents with complaints concerning pets are encouraged to contact Houston County Animal Control.

In old business, Byrd reminded everyone to take the time to sign up for the RPMIA, Inc. blog at http://riverbendplantation.blogspot.com. The blog is a great way to keep informed on information and events going on at Riverbend. Thanks go out to Sharon Smith-Rodriguez for her work on the blog!

Byrd thanked RB resident, Tony Cooper, for his efforts spearheading the cleanup of the cemetery located on Hiwassee Drive.

Davidson reported that information was available at the meeting regarding mailbox replacement numbers. In addition, this information would be available on the RB blog.

Regarding Veterans High School, Byrd stated that all the feedback the Board had received from families with children attending the school had been extremely positive. He encouraged all RB homeowners to support the school in any way possible.

In response to a question from the floor relative to hunting land surrounding Riverbend property, Byrd advised the RB homeowners that there are multiple landowners surrounding the RB Development, with many different groups/clubs hunting these lands to include public hunting on the Ocmulgee River and in Oaky Woods. With that in mind, RB residents, children in particular, should be advised not to trespass on to hunting land without permission.

Other issues:
Street light repair. Residents are advised to contact Flint Energies when/if street light Maintenance is needed.

Covenant/copies. Available at Byrd and Co. Contact 478-971-2600.

Byrd again thanked all homeowners for their attendance and for choosing to purchase their homes in Riverbend Plantation. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

2012 Actual Budget:

Financial Statement 12-31-2012: