Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Pool Our Responsibility

With new houses being built it makes sense that more people will be enjoying our neighborhood pool. However, several neighbors have commented that non Riverbend residents are using our pool. We, as residents, need to adhere and enforce the pool rules below. If you do not recognize someone at the pool simply say "Hi, my name is ____, I live on Altamaha. Where do you live?" If they do not live in the neighborhood, ask them to leave. I understand that this can be an uncomfortable situation but if we all ask then we all understand! The alternative is that the pool will be crowded, need more maintenance and our dues will increase. Also, speak up if you see children without parents or folks smoking and drinking. Again, it is our pool and if we all speak up then we can all enjoy our pool. Thank you!

Pool Rules - Amended 6/19/2008 - Riverbend Plantation Maintenance and Improvement Association


Pool hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM or dark, whichever comes first, daily.

Unattended solo bathing is prohibited.

Children ages 15 and under are not permitted in pool area without an adult in attendance.

No swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder or lightning can be seen or heard.

No diving.

Safety floatation devices only.

No running, rough play, or airborne objects allowed.

No excessively loud noise or music allowed.

No spitting, spouting of water, or blowing nose in pool.

No foul language.

No “cut offs” or exposed diapers allowed. Swim diapers required on all toddlers.

No glass articles allowed in or around pool.

No private pool furniture allowed on pool deck.

No tobacco products or alcoholic beverages.

No food, drink, or wrappers shall be permitted within ten (10) feet of pool.

One (1) guest per Riverbend Plantation resident in attendance.

RPMIA, Inc. reserves the right to deny access to pool area.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Attention all Riverbend Plantation homeowners

Please make sure that you and your guests comply with ALL pool and playground rules and regulations at ALL times. Our pool and playground areas are "self-policing" common areas. Full compliance to ALL posted rules at ALL times will alow for maximum enjoyment of these areas by every RP homeowner.

Additionally, the Riverbend Plantation Develpment Company has purchased new umbrellas for the pool area. These umbrellas will be destroyed by the weather (like the three previous sets) if they are not lowered and tied each evening. Please make sure to lower and tie all umbrellas, and return all pool furniture to its original location prior to departing the pool area.

Thank you in advance for your consideration in these matters.